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Doing an art series and cannot decide to upload each piece as I do them, or do them all and upload them all together…. =/

What do you guys think?


Re-working on the secret project!

Since the corrupted file problem, and the moving out and the relaxing week off thing, I’m make making art!

I hope to have this done by the weekend, but if not, sorry and keep and eye out!

I know now how to colour the art piece and all that so it shouldn’t take long, but you cannot rush perfection!

Thanks guys. =]



Art / Corrupt files and Disneyland.

Hey everyone, so, I like how my last post was from April and I said then; art it coming, when not much did.

I’ve been doing other things in my life and also I’VE FINISHED UNIVERSITY! I will be getting my results tomorrow, hopefully a 1st in my Animation Degree, but either way, my results aren’t all that important to me.
So now that I’ve 100% completed University, it’s time to become a full adult and venture off into the big wide world, by moving back home! Ha. Since I had some really low points during my degree, I’ve kinda been put off Animation for a while, so I’ve trying to get just a normal retail job and failing. 

So as a result. I hope to get more art done!

Also, something awful happened.

You would have had SOME art already, if my file didn’t crash. Yeah, I was in the middle of a save, about 80% complete and my computer froze causing the file to become corrupt and me loosing it. I was working on it for only a couple of days and didn’t feel the need to do a backup. However, I’ve learnt my lesson. The worse thing is that I was really really proud of the work, and now it’s gone. Hopefully it’s a sign so that I re-do the piece even better!

I was so devastated that I haven’t started the piece yet. But since I am now back in my home with the family, I’ll be willing to get back to the grind and finished the… series. =]

Finally, I went back to Disneyland in the time between this and the last entry, and so I would love it if you checked it out and any of my favourite pieces I’ll upload. =]…………

So, here endeth the news. I hope to be back here more and give you more lovely artwork and photography. If there’s no more problems. *Touch Wood*

Laura. xx


Working on a secret project! I cannot wait to get it finished and show you guys. =]

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Just a reminder that if you see my artwork on any place that isn’t associated with ThatDisneyLover, please let me know as soon as.

People are still stealing my art work and it’s upsetting. Sourcing is fine on places like this, but on devaintart, it’s not. 

Try and always look for the original on here, or any other site first before uploading, but ALWAYS upload a DIRECT source. Google images is not a source.

Thank you. 


Ridiculously long absence…

Hi everyone, 

So it dawned on me today that I’ve not posted anything since January! I have a reason. I am just busy as hell.

I am currently finishing my last year of university studying animation and I am just swamped with all the work I have to do!

HOWEVER, I shall be finishing soon and handing in the bulk of it next weekend (fingers crossed)

So hopefully I shall be free throughout Easter and will get back to drawing, I miss it so much!

There is a stupid amount of drawings in the next few months.

Thank you for the continuous love!